Gently Carried

Today as I looked out our bedroom window, I was reminded once again of the different seasons in our lives and how the wind partners with nature to make it a beautiful experience. It's fall and the leaves are so incredible! Each tree and bush turns its own shade of fabulous color!
I watched as the leaves floated down to the ground ever so gently, as the wind carried them safely to their resting place. Oh how I want to learn to yield completely to the wind of His Spirit, as those seasoned leaves do. 
As the wind picked up, the leaves seemed to dance and twirl before they finally settled down, as if they just had to do one last spin before surrendering completely. 
I think that's kind of how I feel right now. I'm enjoying a few more dances in the wind and little-girl twirls before I settle down for an unavoidable grown up surgery that will alter my life. 
Every weekend I'm given the privilege of praying from the platform for the women who attend the Women of Faith conferences. I love the thought that they can actually hear the prayer for them personally and know they are covered in this way.
This being "Breast Cancer Awareness" month, my prayers have been focused on all the precious and courageous women facing this battle. Like the leaves on a tree, all these women have brilliant shades of personalities that are uniquely displayed.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer just a few weeks ago, so I believe that my prayers come from a heart of understanding the challenges that many are facing. But I have to say this: instead of being aware of cancer this month, I have been more aware of God's grace, His love and His peace.
It's a season of change for many of us, and whether you're dealing with breast cancer or a different type of battle, I have come to realize that as we YIELD to the wind of God's Spirit, He'll always carry us gently to a place of rest and peace.
Psalm 91:1
"He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty."
Rest well dear ones.
Pastor Judy


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Strong and Fearless

I love to spend time with old friends and catch up on what’s happening in their lives. A few weeks ago I got together with two of my dearest friends. We first met in the 7th grade and instantly became best friends. Through the years one of them moved around to different states, but we always stayed connected. Now, 52 years later, even though we had not seen each other for 3 years, we still giggled and talked as if we lived next door. Not little girls anymore, but instead women who knew the faithfulness of God.


We lost track of time and before we knew it, night had snuck up on us. As we said our goodbyes I hugged my long-distance friend a little tighter. She is a widow for the second time and has developed a palsy of some type, so her head and hands shake and she looked like the most fragile of us three. 


It was hard to see her like this, because I remember her as the tough one of us, riding and training horses as a young girl. Back then she always seemed so strong and somewhat fearless to me. Now, looking into her eyes, I realized she hadn't changed all that much; she was still a strong, fearless woman. Even though she lived alone and was dealing with her physical weakness, she was still strong in spirit, a positive and caring person, rescuing abused and abandoned animals.   


She didn't want us to see her as a fragile person. She said with a smile and sense of accomplishment, "I'm now learning to eat with my left hand, because the right hand shakes too much." She wasn't embarrassed or awkward about it, and I found myself challenged by her openness, and ability to focus on what she could do, not on what she can no longer do.  


Psalm 138:3


"In the day when I cried out, You answered me, 

and made me bold with strength in my soul."


Father, thank you for reminding us once again that though the physical body may weaken, or we may face limitations in life's journey, our strength comes from You. As we spend time with You and read Your Words of life, our mind is renewed and even our attitude changes to gratitude.    


Blessings, Pastor Judy

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Do You Still Believe

In the quietness of prayer, we can often hear the still small voice of our Lord. As I was reading this morning from an old David Wilkerson newsletter, I found myself challenged by the Holy Spirit.

Can I share with you how I was challenged? It was as if the Lord was sitting next to me and asking me these questions. Perhaps He wants to ask you these same questions.

"Do you still believe I love you unconditionally? That you are being led by My Holy Spirit? That I bottle every tear you shed? That you are right now, here, in this place, in this very hour, in My perfect will?

Do you still believe all things work together for good to them who love Me? That I hear your prayers, even when you have no audible words to express them? Even when all seems dark and you feel overwhelmed? Even when fear lays hold of your mind and soul? Even when it seems I have shut the heavens to you?

Do you still believe I count every hair on your head, that I take note of every fallen bird on the face of the earth? Do you truly believe that?

Do you still believe even when death comes to your loved ones? Do you still believe what you have testified, that I give comfort and strength to face even the grave?

Do you still believe I love you, that I forgive all your past sins, present sins, and even all future sins if you rest and trust Me? Do you believe I understand when Satan sends his messengers against you to implant doubts, lies, fears or despair?

Do you still believe you are in the palm of My hand, that you are more precious than gold to Me? That eternal life is your future, that there is no power that can pluck you out of My hand? That I am still touched by every infirmity and affliction you endure? Do you still believe these things are true?"

The greatest weapon against Satan's attacks is to be fully convinced of God's love, which comes through the revelation of the Holy Spirit.

We know God is love, yet we may wonder at times, "But does He love ME?" 

God does love you and me with a love we could never fully understand on our own. I am so thankful we have a Comforter who brings us understanding, wisdom and revelation.  

My prayer for you is to know His love for you with a deeper revelation.

Eph 3:16-21

Paul has such a good grasp on the grace of God. I so want to get it like he does.

An old song keeps running through my mind.

"Oh love of God how rich and pure, how marvelous and strong, it shall forever more endure, the saints and angels song"

Keep yourself in the powerful, mighty, wondrous, secure love of God.

Read Psalm 103 and ask yourself: Do I still believe it? Do I believe this is true for me?


Blessings, Pastor Judy

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My husband Keith and I are leading a Bible study at church called "Courageous Living", based on the movie "Courageous". As men and women gather each week and talk about the areas of their lives that call for courage, I also found myself challenged in my commitment to be more courageous in life and to make tough decisions based on courage, instead of staying in my comfort zone.


Two opponents that usually appear in the call for a courageous act are danger and fear. But courage causes us to rise up and respond in spite of the danger involved or the fear that confronts us.


I love this description of courage, "Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear."


As I watched again the footage of brave men and women during the 9/11 attack on our country, I was moved to tears. This was truly a picture of courage. People not thinking about their own safety, but focused on reaching others and bringing comfort to the injured. Danger and fear were powerless against the courageous hearts that could hear the desperate cries for help.


In Joshua 1:1-9 God speaks to Joshua and assures him that He is with him and will never leave him, and He repeats these words several times: be strong and courageous. Then He adds, "Be very courageous and don't be afraid or discouraged, because the Lord is with you wherever you go."


I have come to realize that faith is the key to receiving anything and everything from God. When we believe He is with us, courage begins to rise up within us, even though we may still be struggling with fear.


So, be encouraged my friends, the Lord is with you and He's not going anywhere! Danger and fear are like kittens compared to the Lion of Judah!


Wow! I don't know how that hits you, but I'm feeling encouraged!


Blessings, Pastor Judy

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I Can See You

The worship began and my heart and soul were lifted to a place higher than the arena, and it was only 10 minutes into the event. Then Sheila invited me to the small platform to pray. In my heart I believed that the atmosphere was perfect for miracles to take place. 


We asked for the Lord to heal Jill of cancer and the entire audience agreed. I'm sure it was a very special moment for her, to know that God had specifically drawn her out from the crowd to be prayed for. Sometimes we wonder if we are invisible to God, but that is so far from the truth.

As I stepped down, the lights dimmed for Kevin, our Jesus Painter, to begin to reveal the face of Christ slowly and skillfully, stroke by stroke of his painting brush, I felt myself strangely drawn to a particular row of seats in the upper section. I sat down and then I heard the Spirit of God say to my heart, "No, not here, move next to the girl sitting alone, with her head down, put your arm around her and tell her I can "SEE" her."

I sat down and told her who I was, so she wouldn't think I was some kind of a nut sitting by her, and then I told her what the Lord had said to me. She nodded seeming a bit shy, but kept her head down. What was so wrong that she didn't want to "SEE" this amazing display? How could anyone not want to watch the Jesus Painter?! 


So I swallowed hard and said, "Dear one, may I be so bold to ask, are your blind?" 


She responded quietly, "Yes, I can only see dim images."

So I sat close to her and whispered what was taking place, and with one arm around her shoulder I used my other hand to trace her face, just as Kevin was doing on the canvas, while explaining what each stoke of his brush was revealing. I found myself fighting back tears
as she began to smile and her face started to shine in the dark arena.


The finishing touch was the eyes of Jesus. I said, "His eyebrows are intense with concern, and His eyes, soft, so beautiful, filled with the greatest love you could ever imagine."


Kevin had finished with the last touch of His brush, and then I asked, "Can you see His face sweetheart?"

With a huge grin, she answered with sheer joy, "YES! I can SEE Him! I can SEE Him!"

I don't have to tell you, I couldn't hold the tears back any longer. I said, "Jesus SEES you too". 

In Genesis 16:13 Hagar calls the name of the Lord who spoke to her, You-Are-the-God-Who-Sees; for she said, "Have I also here seen Him who sees me."



Pastor Judy

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Arise My Love

Have you ever felt buried by work, projects, responsibilities, family issues or even your own pain? I know I have.
Life can have a way of piling up on us when we least expect it, even people we love can put pressures on us without realizing it, and then one day we find ourselves buried alive!
When my kids were small, they loved to play with our dog Saddie. They would sometimes put her in the clothes basket and playfully pile clothes on her, totally covering her little body, with just her nose sticking out. I think she knew she could jump out any time, but she'd wait until her name was called. It was a fun game for them.  
One day while searching for Saddie, I began to call out her name. There in the basket of clothes was a little black face peeking out at me. I think she was getting used to being buried. Maybe she was just waiting for someone to notice she was missing and to call her name so she could leap to freedom and pounce around with glee. Or maybe she had gotten used to being in that small basket and wasn't thinking about the joy of being called out.
Sometimes we can find ourselves buried by circumstances in life. We may wonder if anyone even knows that we're missing emotionally, mentally, spiritually or even physically. We can become used to the weight of emotional pain, or other people's burdens and expectations, and think this is our lot in life.
Well, Jesus knows where you are and no matter what the weight of the situation, He is calling your name! God's Word is liberating, His love is comforting, and His Voice is calling to you, "Arise my Love".
Isaiah 43:1 The Lord says, "I have redeemed you, I have called you by name, you are mine ".
It's time to Rise Up! Leave the place of captivity and be FREE!
Pastor Judy


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Thoughts from Pastor Keith

I recently read a book entitled “Digging the wells of revival“ by Lou Engle. He encouraged us to examine our spiritual roots and to re-dig wells of revival that flowed with life giving spiritual water in our past. In Geneses 26, Isaac re-dug one of his father’s wells at Beersheba. He was given the same promise that his father Abraham was given that he would be a great nation someday. It’s important that we understand the heritage we came from.

In today’s church, we are bombarded by all sorts of information and methods to grow our churches. I appreciate those who share their success stories. However, I believe we have put our faith in methods more than we have put our faith in hearing the voice of God. There are wells in our churches history that seethed with life and power. Our roots go back to the Pentecostal Revival in the beginning of the twentieth century. People were hungry for biblical experience and knowledge. Prayer and fasting disciplines were rediscovered as necessary spiritual shovels to re-dig the waters of revival. The prayer and fasting movement affected many individuals and churches. Strange things that were common phenomena in the Book of Acts began to be experienced by many throughout the world: people were baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues; Miracles and healings happened in churches from all denominations.

Today, there are over 500 million Pentecostals in the world. I am challenged to re-dig the wells that birthed such a great revival. Just think for a minute how quickly a revival can spread with today’s technology. The machinery is in place; now we just have to re-dig the wells from our past to bring life to this present generation.

I am personally committed to fasting one day a week so I can take quality time to intercede for our area to experience powerful revival. We need God’s power and wisdom to reach this lost generation. Folks, it’s time to make a territorial commitment to the land that God has given us to occupy. This land is our inheritance and there is a well beneath our feet; we have to dig it with prayer and fasting.

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Father Knows Best

Waiting is one of the most difficult activities or lack of activity that I have ever had to do. It requires a great deal of patience and trust and I must admit, I need more work in that area of my life. It seems to be easier for me to actually do the work than to wait for someone else to complete it.

I have come to realize that all of this really boils down to being fearful, anxious, and very impatient. Frankly things will turnout better when we learn to "trust"and "wait" for the answer to arrive in Gods timing.

This was made very clear to me 40 years ago. I was in labor for over 24 hours with my youngest daughter, so I drank cod liver oil, walked up and down the corridor, and did everything in MY power to give birth!

In my frustration, while getting back into bed, I sent the water glass hurling across the room. Ringing for help, all they heard over the intercom was that my water had broke. You might say that joy was short lived, when they entered my room and found it was Not the next stage of the birthing process after all.

All that to say this, when we try to help bring about the answer to our own prayers, we often experience stress, and disappointment. So, learn from my experience, Gods timing is perfect, she came into this world at her appointed time. I didn't need to drink that awful tasting oil, and frustrate myself by trying to make it happen. All I needed to do was Wait and Trust that God would give her to me when the time was right. Its true....Father does know best.

Ps 37:3-7
"It is good to Trust in the Lord, for this is your place of security and provision, and here in this place of peace, you can mediate on how faithful He has always been. Find your joy and happiness in the Lord, and your hearts desires will be satisfied. Consciously Commit all your plans to the Lord daily. ( Do not assume His help if it is uninvited.) Put your Trust in Him, and He shall bring it to pass. He will shine His light on your life and cause it to stand out. So, Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him, and don't worry."

Blessings, Pastor Judy

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Giving frees us from being self-centered to being God centered.

It is a trait of God's kingdom, because it acknowledges His ownership & Lordship in our lives. Malachi 3:6-12 instructs us to test God by giving our tithes and offerings. May you experience God's blessings as you sow into His kingdom.


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