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Well Shut My Mouth!

Zacharias and Gabriel


My husband and I spend our mornings in Bible reading and personal time with the Lord. We love to share with each other whatever the Lord shows us. It’s amazing to think that God Almighty actually wants to talk to us and just be with us. It’s in these times that I have come to learn the value of keeping a personal journal, because it's so easy to forget God’s promises when times are hard and our prayers seem to hit the ceiling and bounce back.


Keith was reading Luke 1:5-25 and God spoke to him about me. I have been going at a very fast and steady pace for the last few months and I'm sure many of you have been doing that as well. I absolutely love what I am doing, yet at times I must admit I can feel the weariness creep up on me. 


When we are young, our bodily strength is at its peak and we can run through a troop and leap over walls without much help from the Lord, but as we grow older our running slows down to walking fast and we often need a boost to get over the walls. 


In this passage of scripture the angel Gabriel tells Zacharias that he and his wife Elizabeth are going to have a son in their old age. This seems impossible to him so he responds like most of us would. In my version it would sound something like this: 


"What? Are you nuts?! Is there something wrong with your thinking? Haven't you noticed who you're talking to? Do you realize how old we are?"


Obviously Zacharias' thoughts materialized into words of unbelief and were interfering with God’s plan. He was thinking and speaking about his inabilities, instead of focusing on God’s promise and His power to fulfill it.


So Gabe did what any smart angel would do, he shut Zach's mouth, and as an added protection to secure God’s plan, he even blocked his hearing, so that the unbelieving voices of others couldn't add more doubt or confusion. As a result God’s plan was fulfilled.


So, my take away from this?


It's time for me to 'Shut Out' the voices of doubt and unbelief, pointing out my inabilities and weaknesses. And I need to 'Shut My Mouth' if my words are interfering with God’s promises and plans. 



Pastor Judy


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