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The True Christmas Tree



I love everything about the Christmas season - parties where friends gather, Christmas carols filling the air with a message of peace and love, and the joyful laughter that overtakes our home when the grandkids come to decorate cookies, while covering my kitchen floor with sprinkles of every color.


My children lovingly call me Mrs. Claus, because I usually have my very own festival of lights going on throughout the house. The warm glow of the tree lights and other lighted decorations seem to set the atmosphere for cuddle time and peaceful chats. 


I enjoy decorating the tables and mantles, but my favorite symbol of this meaningful season is the tree. My granddaughter helps me decorate the tree with special ornaments that friends and loved ones have given to me. I especially love the ones that reflect the light. Sometimes I sit and just stare at the tree, its peaceful presence calms me and I'm reminded of another tree that has brought me such peace.


It was chosen for The Son of God. It isn't a tree that you can find on a tree lot or in any cut-your-own evergreen field. It was a special tree that held the most precious ornament known to mankind - Jesus.  The tree didn't need twinkle lights, for the light of God’s glory still illuminates it for all the world to see.


This tree was the cross of Calvary, which held the innocent body of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. You see, to me this is The True Christmas Tree.


So, the next time you see a Christmas tree, covered with lights and beautiful decorations, I hope you remember that God loved you so much, that He gave the most precious gift He had, His Only Son, Jesus Christ - Who hung upon that tree for all eyes to see and all hearts to know. This tree doesn't need manmade lights, for Jesus is the light of the world.


John 8:12

I am the light of the world; he who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the Light of life.



Pastor Judy


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