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Stormy Situations

Stormy Weather by Jean-Pierre Brungs

Photo: Jean-Pierre Brungs


Years ago when the kids were small and I was trying to enjoy a few minutes to myself, I could often hear them in the other room getting louder and louder. They were just being kids, but it never failed at some point I would hear, "Mom!" and I knew I was being summoned to become the peacemaker in the midst of a Stormy Situation.


As parents raising a family, we often wonder at times, just how long it will be before our children grasp an understanding of how to deal with difficult situations in a more mature and peaceful way.


This makes me think about how Jesus must have felt in Matthew 8:23-27, when His disciples found themselves in a Stormy Situation. They had been with Him day and night for almost three years, yet had not learned how to apply the truths that He had taught them. Like my kids when they were young and yelling for me, the disciples shouted, "Jesus!" and proceeded to wake Him up from His rest to deal with the Stormy Situation.


Jesus gently, but firmly pointed out in verse 26, that their faith and confidence to deal with such difficult situations were still immature and obviously underdeveloped. He was demonstrating the stance they were to take in this type of conflict, to be at rest and peaceful - instead of anxious and fearful.


Like a parent demonstrating a life lesson, He got up and dealt with the scary thing that tormented them. He spoke to the high winds and giant waves to 'Calm Down', but I believe He was also focusing on another storm, which was the one inside His disciples' souls. It is often the storm inside that God calms when the storms outside are still raging.


After walking with the Lord for all these years, I wish I could say that I now handle every Stormy Situation with maturity and fully developed faith, but I'm still growing in that area. However, I'm so glad that I can still shout, "Help me, Lord Jesus!" whenever my faith seems weak; and just knowing He's in the boat with me, helps me speak with greater confidence to the Stormy Situations inside and out. 


My advice? Make sure Jesus is always in your boat!



Pastor Judy


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