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Hold On - This Is The Lord’s Fight

Fight - by Ryan McGuire

Photo: Ryan McGuire


Today my thoughts seemed to drift toward the people I care about; so many family and friends needing prayer, so my day began by sending out prayers in their direction.


I find that sitting quiet after reading the Bible helps me to focus on how to pray for others. It's like being invisibly drawn into their circumstance for a few minutes, as if I am right there with them. However, I'm reminded that it's not me with them, but The Spirit of God Himself, and what greater comfort could there be.


Prayer partnered with God’s Word is more powerful than we realize. It's not hindered by distance and knows no boundaries. It can penetrate through the hardest walls of resistance and change the most impossible situations. 


I have learned that prayer is actually the battleground where we engage the enemy and that His Word is like a bullet in a high powered rifle. The rifle can look intimidating as we point it toward an enemy, but the truth is...without the ammunition in place (His Word), we are just trying to fake our way through, hoping the enemy doesn't catch on that our weapon is not even loaded.


When I went through breast cancer 3 years ago, God’s peace came to me through scripture and I clung to it like an oxygen mask when you can't breathe on your own. It was Exodus 14:14, "The Lord will fight for you; you only need to hold your peace."


I asked God what that really meant and His answer has made my times of prayer more peaceful and given me a greater understanding of how spiritual battles are won.


In the wilderness, Satan approached Jesus three times, yet Jesus only responded by speaking the Word of God. God’s Word shot Satan over and over until he finally limped away, having been seriously wounded by it.


When we speak God’s Word in prayer, we are like high-powered rifles, releasing deadly blows to the enemy. His Word destroys fear, sickness, addictions, and any enemy that tries to defeat us. It's the Word of God that fights for us. 


So, stay cool...loaded and ready...when an enemy appears, let God’s Word take him out!



Pastor Judy

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