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What Day Is It?

Clock by Sonja Langford

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As I sit here in my favorite spot to write, I feel the tears rising in my eyes and falling down my face. Oh it's not because I'm sad...it's because I am so grateful to my Lord.


In June my daughter Virginia, and daughter-in-law Diana, faced horrible physical attacks on their healthy bodies. They both have lived the worst nightmares of their lives in the past 3 months. Their suffering has resulted in great weigh loss, mental and emotional stress and wondering when they'd be able to return to normal living again.


They endured painful, extensive testing and treatments, but kept their focus on Jesus as they made it through one day at a time.


When Diana was diagnosed with an inoperable cancerous tumor, my son flew her to Houston Texas, where she began the fight of her life...facing chemo and radiation treatments that pushed her body and mind to the limits. My son, a successful business man in Michigan and father of six, stayed by her side through this process. He would say to her everyday, "Diana we're going to focus on today, not tomorrow...just today."


God has promised us strength for today. So everyday he would ask her the same question, "What day is it?" and she would work up a smile and say, "Today."


On September 23, Virginia was given good news, no surgery needed, her problem would be manageable and not life threading. Soon after hearing that news, Diana's plane landed. After 9 weeks of being away from her family, she was finally home.


We all waited with balloons waving, welcome signs and huge smiles, while fighting back the tears. This was the 'Today' she had been looking forward to. Finally, she rounded the corner and when she was within earshot, we all shouted in unison, "What day is it?!!!"


With a huge smile and her arms lifted high and tears flowing down her precious face, she shouted back with all the strength she could find..."TODAY!!!!!"


Luke 5:26


And amazement seized them all, and they glorified God and were filled with awe, saying, "We have seen extraordinary things TODAY."


This is our 'TODAY' that the Lord has made, so lets rejoice in it and be glad!


Pastor Judy


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