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Thoughts from Pastor Keith

I recently read a book entitled “Digging the wells of revival“ by Lou Engle. He encouraged us to examine our spiritual roots and to re-dig wells of revival that flowed with life giving spiritual water in our past. In Geneses 26, Isaac re-dug one of his father’s wells at Beersheba. He was given the same promise that his father Abraham was given that he would be a great nation someday. It’s important that we understand the heritage we came from.

In today’s church, we are bombarded by all sorts of information and methods to grow our churches. I appreciate those who share their success stories. However, I believe we have put our faith in methods more than we have put our faith in hearing the voice of God. There are wells in our churches history that seethed with life and power. Our roots go back to the Pentecostal Revival in the beginning of the twentieth century. People were hungry for biblical experience and knowledge. Prayer and fasting disciplines were rediscovered as necessary spiritual shovels to re-dig the waters of revival. The prayer and fasting movement affected many individuals and churches. Strange things that were common phenomena in the Book of Acts began to be experienced by many throughout the world: people were baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues; Miracles and healings happened in churches from all denominations.

Today, there are over 500 million Pentecostals in the world. I am challenged to re-dig the wells that birthed such a great revival. Just think for a minute how quickly a revival can spread with today’s technology. The machinery is in place; now we just have to re-dig the wells from our past to bring life to this present generation.

I am personally committed to fasting one day a week so I can take quality time to intercede for our area to experience powerful revival. We need God’s power and wisdom to reach this lost generation. Folks, it’s time to make a territorial commitment to the land that God has given us to occupy. This land is our inheritance and there is a well beneath our feet; we have to dig it with prayer and fasting.

Arise My Love
Father Knows Best

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