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Slow Down To Fast and Pray

Morning with Tea - Viktor Hanacek

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Last week was our church's week of prayer and fasting, and I would say it has been the most satisfying time for me personally in a few years. I didn't realize I had become so busy with everyday duties and things that just aren't as important as time with the Lord and other close relationships.


Every day I received prayer requests from all over the country; people who are desperate for the Lord to touch them for healing or to deliver them from painful situations. I found myself connecting with my siblings and their families as the Lord would prompt me to check on them right when they needed it. When I prayed for people I seemed to have better knowledge and insight about how to pray for them and I knew God was giving me His wisdom in all these matters. The more time I spent reading or just being still and mediating on God’s Word, the more peaceful I felt and love for others increased.


One thing about choosing to abstain from unhealthy food (especially meats and sugars) and the normal busy routine of life is that you become more in tune with the Spirit of God. The earthly things just aren't as appealing and it's amazing how much easier it is to make good choices. The time spent in prayer and fasting isn't for the Lord, it's for us! We begin to hear Him more clearly, as our body and mind are freed from the toxic foods and thoughts that influence our daily decisions.


(Daniel-1:1-21)  Daniel and his three companions chose not to eat all the unhealthy food or drink the wine that the king ordered for them, because they didn't want to defile themselves. They trusted God to supply them with His strength and whatever they would need to stand before the king, so they ate only vegetables and drank only water.


It was obvious after a period of time that Daniel and his friends looked healthier than those who chose to eat the king’s food and guzzle his wine, but the big difference was one that was not seen with the natural eye. They humbled themselves before God, refusing to violate their convictions or indulge in man’s excessive ways. So God not only made them physically strong, He filled them with His wisdom and understanding.

Daniel 1:20


In every matter of wisdom and understanding about which the king questioned them, he found them to be ten times better than all the magicians and enchanters in his whole kingdom.

Pastor Judy


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