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His Love Endures Forever

Liane Metzler

Photo: Liane Metzler


This morning turned into a time of reflection for me after Keith came upstairs from reading through some of his journals. He shared a few thoughts with me and went back downstairs. My thoughts drifted to a time spent with our youngest grandchildren. They came for a visit during their Thanksgiving break and our home was filled with lots of cuddles, story times with Grandpa and silly laughter.


They seemed kind of bored one afternoon, so I grabbed the softball and bat made out of fabric and shouted, "Batter Up!" The three of them looked at me, puzzled. None of them had ever seen this crazy side of Grandma, but it only took a minute and they were all in!


I was the pitcher, I designated a catcher, an umpire and of course, the batter. I laid out the rules and where the bases were, which took over the hearth room and part of the kitchen. Their eyes just sparkled as the first batter stood really to strike.



I wanted it to be memorable so every ball I threw had a name. The first was 'Hair Ball'; that one was rubbed on my head before I threw it, making them laugh, because my hair stuck straight up. Then, I threw a 'Pit Ball', naturally rubbed under my arm. Then, 'Spit Ball', and on and on.


The giggles filled the house whenever their bat connected with the ball and they took off running! What a sight as Granny ran after Ezekiel and then tried to get the ball to the catcher, Adelle, only 6.



The umpire (Isak) was animated as he shouted out, "Youuuuu’rrreee out!" or as he jumped in the air crossing his arms back and forth shouting, "And heeeeee's safe!"


We noticed Ezekiel (the oldest) seemed to really enjoy his time here, especially his walks and talks with Grandpa.



When it came time to pack up for the trip home, Ezekiel was told by his dad to get a move on. So, in his haste he banged too hard into the door of his sleeping quarters and the door stopper drove a large hole in the top of the door. He was devastated and terrified to tell us. I found him huddled on a chair crying his eyes out. Keith and I held him as he tearfully tried to tell us what happened and how sorry he was. We told him $1000 would cover the damage and his dad could pay for it. His eyes widened and then we all laughed.


After a long conversation we finally convinced him that an accident would never wipe away our wonderful time together and that he meant more to us than any material thing. We felt so bad for him. It was like the joy of his entire visit vanished in one moment.


Our grandson's greatest concern was that he had destroyed his close relationship with us, because of one incident. He was afraid we wouldn't love him the same anymore.


The devil tries to convince all of us that when we make a mistake or become careless in life, our heavenly Father will not love us anymore.


As I held our grandson, my heart just ached. He couldn't even hear our words of reassurance at first, because his guilt, shame and fear were clambering so loud in his mind.


We have all made mistakes and been careless in this life, but instead of huddling in fear, shame and guilt ... tell Daddy God what you've done with sincerity of heart and then let Him comfort you with His words.


Psalm 103:13-14


As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear [honor, love and reverence] Him; for He knows how we are formed, He remembers that we are dust. 


Psalms 100:5

For the Lord is good and His love endures forever; His faithfulness continues through all generations.



Pastor Judy


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