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Get A Grip

Get A Grip



Have you heard the term 'Get A Grip'? When a person is in a panic or their emotions are skyrocketing...someone usually says, "Hey, you need to get a grip!"


I was watching a movie a few years ago, where a team of rock climbers were heading up the side of a mountain and one girl lost her footing...she had a rope around her waist...but she began swinging uncontrollably in midair. The climber in front of her shouted, "Get a grip on the rope and don't worry about the wind...just stay calm!"


Oh ya sure...hanging hundreds of feet in the air by a rope and she was supposed to remain calm and just hang on until the wind died down...but that's exactly what she did. Then she finished her climb.


In the days we are living in we need to stay calm and 'Get A Grip' too. Almost every time I turn on the news...I hear about the horrific atrocities happening around the world and even in our own country.   I couldn't sleep last night so I watched a Christian TV station at about 1:00 am. They were talking about little children being killed in barbaric ways, for their faith in God. I found myself weeping for them and their families and for a moment I felt fear around me. Then, I sensed that God wanted me to get quiet and listen with my heart.


The Spirit of God reminded me that wars can be won on the battle fields of prayer. This is where we truly engage the enemies of this seen and unseen world. He brought to my mind that Satan’s strategy is always to use one of his most powerful weapons...Fear, and then fear spins us into confusion. 


However, God has equipped us to overcome fear with His love...His power...and a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7)


The Lord has given us weapons to fight against the forces of darkness and our greatest weapon is the Word of God.


Like the female climber...when we lose our footing in life's situations and fear tries to swing us around uncontrollably...we can remain calm (peaceful), when we have the Belt of Truth (God’s Word) securely around our waist to keep us from falling. So, let's 'Get A Grip' on the Word of God and let the Word 'Keep A Grip' on us.


Ephesians 6:14a


Stand, therefore having girded (wrapped tightly) your waist with Truth (God's Word).



Pastor Judy




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