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Billy Graham Library

Photo: The Billy Graham Library


I recently watched a Trinity Broadcast special on the life of Dr. Billy Graham. His son, Franklin Graham, was interviewed by Jan Crouch at the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina. Many of Dr. and Ruth Graham’s ministry experiences are displayed in different rooms of the library through pictures and video presentations.


The library is all about the cross. The door to the library is in the center of a 40-foot glass cross. The displays all point to Dr. Graham’s crusades and interviews where Christ is the focal point. People who visit the library are given the opportunity to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and savior at the conclusion of the tour. Christians are encouraged in their faith-journey and sharing Christ with those in their sphere of influence.


Billy Graham was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, November 7, 1918. This simple, young man committed his entire life to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Two former presidents and many high profile people in our country attended the inauguration of this library. Among them were President George H.W. Bush and President Jimmy Carter. Both represent opposite political views, but came together to honor a man who influenced his generation.


Both former presidents spoke with humble remarks and appreciation for his influence in their lives. In fact, President Bush was moved to tears as he shared his love for Dr. Graham. Here were men who were elected to the highest office in the United States, giving honor to an evangelist who has been instrumental in affecting the spiritual climate of the world in his lifetime.


Franklin Graham’s concluding remarks challenged me. After his mother died, Dr. Graham had a special meeting with Franklin. He conveyed to him that everything he had was from God. Now he wanted Franklin to help him give back what God had loaned him while on this earth. Everything belonged to God, because He was the rightful owner.


It reminds me of David’s attitude toward building the temple. God did not allow him to build it, so before he died he stored vast amounts of gold and silver for Solomon to use in the building of the temple.


King David and Dr. Graham have given us great examples to follow: Hold things loosely and grasp onto eternal truths.


Ecclesiastes 3:11


God has also set eternity in the human heart.


One of the great church fathers said, “Every person has a void in them that only God can fill.”


Dr. Graham realized that there was no lasting meaning in life without Christ. Therefore, his focus was set at an early age to preach the gospel and win as many as he could to Jesus Christ.


Is your focus on temporal or eternal things? The former can be taken away and have limited value. Eternal things last forever. The only thing you can take beyond the grave is your relationships.


Choose Christ because we were created to something beyond this world.


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